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Automatic PET bottle blowing machine

PET high speed energy-saving full automatic bottle blowing machine. Using servo motor driving, it has the advantage of accurate positioning,low noise, power saving and fast speed. This series is one of  the most stable two steps blow-down full automatic b
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1.Adopting advanced micro-computer control system .with steady performance
2.The conveyor carries the preforms automatically.
3.Using infrared lamps heating, strong penetrability;The sprocket revolution while the preform holders rotation, uniform heat.
4.The height and width of reflector and lamps in heating zone can be adjusted .Which can fit for different kinds of pet preform heating ,meanhwhile. Automatic vent temperature device is equiped to keep the temperature steady .
5.Every mechnical action with safety self- lock device.When the process has problem .it will switch to secure state automatically.
6.The mechnical action is driven by cylinder .not oil pump.with advantage of non-pollution and low noise. Adopting high pressure and hyperbolic arm to lock mould.
7.Two ways of operating: automatic and manual.The safe and reliable unique valve position design makes the air path more clear.
8.The producture is full automatic , with the advantage of low investment, high efficiency,easy for operation and maintain, safety.
9.The bottle body is non-polution, and the scrap rate is less than 0.01%