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PVC fittings mold

Item No.: 00110
We produce various PVC product mold,especical for PVC fittings,the mold will be customized according to customers' samples or  drawings,the LOGO and slight modification from samples can be satisfied.
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PVC fitting mold are of high standard,the material is different from ordinary mold due to its corrosive feature.
a. CAVITY: 2316 HARDNESS:HRC 40-45
b. CORE: 2316 HARDNESS:HRC 40-45  
c. MOULD BASE: S50    
d. Ejector pin: SKD 61 (60HRC) Standard part
e. Guide Pin/Bush: SKD 61 (60HRC) Standard part
f. Sprue bush: China 2316    
g. Angle Pin: YK30 (60HRC)  
h. Wear plate: SKD 61 (60HRC) Standard part