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PET multi-cavity preform injection mold

This kind of mold is to produce PET preform  for water bottle,oil bottle,etc. cavity number,preform weight can be customized according to  clients' requirement.
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PET preform injection mold,There are varieties of PET preform which could be blowed into bottles from 30ML to 5 Gallons.And we can produce any kinds of PET preforms according to clients' requirement

neck size weight
28MM 14G 16 G 18G 21G 23G 25G 26G 28G 30G 32G 35G 38G 43G 48G 53G 58g
30MM 14G 16G 18G 20G 23G 28G 34G 36G 41G
46MM 60G 70G 80G 85G 90G 95GG 100G 105G 110G 120G 130G
55MM 360G 450G 490G 570G 600G 630G 650G 660G 680G 700G 730G 750G 800G