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vertical injection molding machine

Item No.: 00126
vertical type injection machine can make various small size products like plug,socket,metal covering handle,etc,easy to operate ,economical and saving space.
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Features of vertical injection molding machine.
Four piles standing straight pressure lock the mold, standing injection.The lowe die is fixed with upper die movable.

2chinese-English controller. Liquid LCD display with complete function,easy operation and convenient usage.Other Language can be customized as per request.

3Muliti-patterns temperature with jet pressure and speed as well as back pressure adjustable.rated oil road control,which is suitable for many kinds of delicate forming.

4、Nitriided steel screw and barrel,dirwct driven by high torque motor.with multli-stages injection speed for better,suitable for most kinds of plastic material.
5.various types. like rotary plate type,hydraulic oil tank type,etc